KHOJALY: Falsifications

Falsifications on Khojaly issue

  • Frame-ups in propaganda films
    Authors of the film quoted a few sentences from an interview with Ramiz Fataliyev (chairman of the Parliamentary Commission of inquiry into the Khojaly massacre), but they manage to forge even these few sentences pulled out of context. The original of this interview is in Azerbaijani language; in the film, his words were submitted in Russian, but with an amendment in favor of Armenians. In the film, the authors added the following to Fataliyev’s words: “That is, we provoked Armenians to attack”- this small postscript to the words of Fataliyev, radically changes the meaning of his statement.
    This fact is another proof that this film is just another mean product of the Armenian government propaganda, and cannot claim to be a documentary, leave alone its inefficacy for researchers. But it probably will be useful for those professionals who analyze methods and techniques of tabloid propaganda. [read more]

  • Dana Mazalova and the interview of Ayaz Mutalibov
    Trying to shift the blame for the Khojaly tragedy on Azerbaijanis, the Armenian side frequently refers to the interview of the first President of Azerbaijan Ayaz Mutalibov to a Czech reporter Dana Mazalova. It was published on April 2nd in 1992 in the Russian newspaper “Nezavisimaya gazeta”.
    According to the Armenian side, in the interview Ayaz Mutalibov claimed that “The National Front of Azerbaijan (a political party, opposing Mutalibov at the time) was the one to be blamed for the Khodjaly tragedy”. [read more]
  • Eynulla Fatullayev and “The Karabakh Diary”
    One of the favourite plots that Armenians occasionally resort to are the “materials” by an Azerbaijani journalist Eynulla Fatullayev published in his own newspaper “The Real Azerbaijan”.
    According to the Armenian side, Fatullayev lays all the blame for the killing of innocent people on Azerbaijanis.
    Basing on his observations and meetings during his visit to Armenia and the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, Eynulla Fatulllayev has published “The Karabakh Diary”. [read more]
  • Armenian mass media and websites
    In recent years, the Armenian online media has been passing photos of Azerbaijani people slaughtered at Khodjaly for the murdered Armenians.
    However cynical and inhumane it seems, it is a fact. Some of them are given below.
    On January 13th 2011, an Armenian news website posted an editorial titled “Today is the 21st anniversary of Armenians’ genocide in Baku (photos)” with pictures attached that had nothing to do with either Baku or Armenians. There was also posted a picture of Azerbaijani children killed at Khodjaly but passed for the “murdered Armenian” ones. [read more]
  • Letter by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia
    In 1997 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Armenia circulated a letter in the UN concerning the Armenian perspective of the taking Khodjaly and reprisal of its inhabitants. Besides, there was presented the Armenian viewpoint on a number of issues regarding the Karabakh conflict.
    That letter contained a gross distortion of facts. The Armenian diplomats didn’t even feel ashamed of misrepresenting a report by Human Rights Watch. [read more]

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