KHOJALY: MEMORY. 20 years since the tragedy... MEMORY

In order to immortalize the memory of victims of the Khojaly tragedy, there were erected monuments and memorials both in Azerbaijan and abroad.

Here below is an incomplete list of them.

Памятник жертвам Ходжалы впервые был установлен в Баку в 1993 годуThe first ever monument to victims of Khojaly was erected in Baku in 1993.

However, in 2008, the monument was replaced by another one; a new monument better reflects the essence and the dramatic events in Khojaly.


Мемориал жертвам Ходжалинской резни в ГаагеMemorial to victims of the Khojaly massacre in the Hague

The monument depicting a mother holding up a child was erected on Feb. 24, 2008.


амятник жертвам Ходжалинской резни в БерлинеMemorial to victims of the Khojaly massacre in Berlin

The monument was opened in the courtyard of the Gottfried Benn library on May 30, 2011.


Памятник жертвам Ходжалинской резни в СараевоMemorial to victims of the Khojaly massacre in Sarajevo

The monument was opened on February 25, 2012, with the Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva attending the opening ceremony.

Мемориал памяти жертв Ходжалинской резни в МехикоMemorial to victims of the Khojaly massacre in Mexico City
The memorial was opened on the Tlakskoake Square in Mexico City on August 23, 2012.



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