KHOJALY: Victims of the massacre Victims of Khojaly Massacre

According to official statistics, 613 civilians were killed as a result of assault on Khojaly, among them:

Children — 63,

Women — 106,

Elderly — 70,

Completely annihilated families – 8,

Children who lost both parents – 25,

Children who lost one parent – 130,

The number of the wounded is 487, including 76 children.

Number of persons taken hostage – 1275,

Civilians declared missing – 150*.

Despite the declared readiness of Armenian side to deliver the captives (women and children) of Khojaly to Azerbaijan, the reality was quite the opposite.

According to the report of the human rights group, Memorial:
The conditions of detention of hostages were extremely dissatisfactory; there is evidence of violence on civilian captives of Khojaly.

It’s noteworthy that according to witness accounts, including but not limited to international journalists as well as representatives of human rights groups, the bodies of the perished Azerbaijani civilians were mutilated; force was used on children.

Case in point, excerpt from Memorial report:

“Within four days, approximately 200 bodies were transported to Agdam. Several dozen bodies had signs of mutilation. Doctors of Agdam’s train service documented evidence of four scalped victims, one body with a decapitated head. Autopsy was conducted on 181 bodies (130 males, 51 females, and 13 children); concluding that 151 of the killed were fatally shot, 20 had shell fragment wounds and 10 were hit with blunt objects.

*Including those who froze to death during their escape.
*A part of the missing civilians include those who were killed in the city during the shelling by Armenian armed groups on February 25. The Armenian side refused to hand the bodies over or provide any sorts of information on these missing individuals.

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